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 Linda Wolber 
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Where's the hand you bid?

Linda Wolber is an accredited ACBL Bridge Teacher, a Certified ACBL Director, and a gold Life Master. She is a life-time member of the ACBL National Charity Committee and the Goodwill Committee and has been a National Tournament Caddy Chair person twice.

For 20 years Linda has been a Board Member of the Cincinnati Bridge Association and past president two times, Hospitality Chair person for 20 years, and Caddie Chair person for 16 years.

Linda has co-authored four bridge teaching books and has been teaching both private and classroom lessons since 1981. She has taught and directed bridge on cruise ships since 1990.

She has a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Cincinnati, taught high school for several years, and is an avid Bearcat fan.

Classes now forming for Fall  '19.  Click to view the upcoming class schedule.

Learn Winning Bridge!

Winning bridge involves many skills. Besides good bidding, good defense and good declarer play are a must.

A common mistake made by new players is to learn conventions before they have mastered basic bidding. This leads to misuse, confusion, and poor results.

Standard American bidding along with basic defense and play of the hand are taught.   The revised syllabuses include limit raises, weak-twos, artificial strong 2-clubs, and Jacoby transfers. Commonly played conventions such as Blackwood and Stayman are also covered.

Classes start several times a year depending on demand. Each series consists of 6 two-hour classes. This is a time-tested rate at which most students learn. Students who do the homework and study between classes usually excel. The classes are interactive and kept small to learn effectively. Actual dates are set to accommodate the majority of the students.

There are four basic levels that start with the rank beginner to the advanced player providing continuity. If one has bridge experience, call for a placement assessment to determine the proper level.

Private lessons are available for all levels including advanced students. Get your friends together and have lessons at home.

View the upcoming class schedule.

Please contact Linda for private or group class information; registration; placement assessment; fees; or other general questions.